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What is Blood Donation?

We appreciate the initiative taken by Government and many other Social Institutions. Who encourages the General Public to Donate Blood to the Government hospitals, Blood Banks, and other authorities? Blood Donation Refers to individuals giving their blood for a noble cause of saving the human Life of Persons. Who urgently requires blood to save their family members who got hospitalized because of Accidents, during the running operations, for a cure of a critical illness like blood cancers, bone marrow transplantation etc.

Why is Blood Donation Needed?

In the current year 2021. The Total number of Human beings in India must be 150 Crores and 1.5 Billion. These figures are fair enough to understand the requirement could be in a huge ratio according to the huge number of Population.

Receive tax benefits under Section 80G by donating to this cause.

1. Automobile Accident:40 units of blood
2. Heart Surgery:4-6 units of blood / 4-6 units of platelets
3. Organ Transplant:30-40 units of blood / 20-30 units of platelets
4. 20 bags of cryoprecipitate:25-30 units of fresh frozen plasma
5. Bone Marrow Transplant:120-140 units of platelets/ 20-30 units of blood
6. Burn Victims:20-30 units of platelets


These are the major examples of the need for Blood. In spite of this Blood Transfusion can be needed in any medical emergency.

The current Requirement of Blood in Units is more than 5 Crore every year. But the availability is far away from the current requirement. The Ratio of the Blood Donors is lower than the Requirement.


Why is Blood Donations Needed?

The day when you are going to donate Blood to a Blood Bank, Hospital, or Blood Donation Camps. There are some key Precautions to take.

  1. Eat Something before the appointed time for Blood donation
  2. Drink at least 1 Litre of Water or Juice Before 3 hr. Drink enough Liquid. Especially you should be more precocious on a Warm day.

Your Health status must be checked by a Doctor and they will ask some questions about the history of your health. Your Blood Pressure and hemoglobin level also should be checked.

After the completion of all health checkups.  A medical Practitioner will insert a new sterile in your arm to collect the blood. For the collection of 1 unit (350ml – 450 ml) of Blood approx. time takes about 8-10 minutes. Medical staff will take care of that and after collecting they will bandage your arm. This is a tiny Procedure like having an Injection.

Safety Precautions

The blood Donation Collection team is using Sterilized equipment’s and the needle is only used once after the needle is discarded safely. An Individual can donate 1 unit (about 450 ml) of Blood once in 3 months. An Adult does have 4 to 5.7 litres of blood. A donor can easily give 450ml of the total of their body blood. There is no effect on the body after donating. Your body manages to repeal and refresh blood from time to time whether you Donate blood or not, so this amount is quickly replaced.

Steps to Follow after Blood Donation:

Steps to Follow after Blood Donation: You can keep something to eat and drink with you. You should Relax for 15-20 minutes on the location After Donating. In fact, the Blood volume will be restored in 24-48 hours. Drink Plenty of Water, fruit juice, or Liquid. Avoid drinking alcohol for 8 hours after you’ve provided blood. Avoid any difficult action or heavy lifting with the ‘donating arm’ for 24 hours later you’ve contributed blood. If you feel unwell anyhow then you should consult with a doctor. A Blood Donor can be donated again after 3 months.

How Women’s and Children’s Foundation Blood Donation Program Works and will be Beneficial?

Our Process for conducting a blood donation camp is that we contact the national, local authorized blood bank or government Hospital authorities for the blood camps. We decide a date for the camp and make all arrangements. All the medical staff is from the blood banks or the hospitals.

All the collected blood units are handover to the official authorities.

 Women’s and Children’s Foundation make aware the people for the blood donation. We convey the need, Purpose and Process to the general people. We encourage the General Public for the Good Cause to save more Life. 

The beneficiaries of the donated blood will be the patients in the Hospitals and medical trauma centres Patients. We do not control anything in terms of government Procedures. we help the Hospitals, National, local and Other Blood banks to collect more to save more lives.

How you can help us
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