Food Distribution Program

Feeding On Far-Ration Distribution During The Pandemic​

Hunger and malnutrition affect millions of people in India, causing severe health complications and even death. India produces enough food to feed our entire population of 1.3 billion people but the struggle is ensuring that this food reaches to the all peoples.


Women’s and Children’s Foundation serves the needs of people suffering with hunger and starvation through a two-step program: by cooking hygienic and home-made meals for the poor and distributing the meals to the homeless, and by collecting extra food from restaurants, hotels, weddings and other ceremonies (reducing food wastage) and distributing them to the homeless and other people in need.

The Hunger and Nutrition programme strives to improve the dietary conditions of those in dire need for food, and works with existing government agencies and civilian services to save excess food and convert it to a food supply for the poor.

Receive tax benefits under Section 80G by donating to this cause.

Cooking and Distributing Meals

Every weekend, we purchase fresh staple foods and gather together to cook nutritious meals which are then neatly packaged. Take a look at the streets of the cities on a Sunday morning, and you will see Women’s and Children’s Foundation volunteers getting on their bikes ready to deliver freshly packaged food parcels to the homeless and others in need.

COLLECTING and Distributing Meals

During the weekdays, we approach restaurants and other eateries with whom we have partnered with as restaurant-partners to reduce food wastage. Women’s and Children’s Foundation volunteers collect excess food which is then packed and distributed in the evenings to people living on the streets and others in need.


Distributed 2,300,000 home-made meals


If you would like to volunteer with us, you can cook meals with us or distribute meals to people in need

If you are a restaurant or eatery, you can partner with us as a restaurant-partner to donate excess food


India ranks 94th out of 107 countries – Global Hunger Index (based on UN data)1/4th of the world’s undernourished people live in India – World Food Programme. 40% of food produced in India is wasted – Indian Food Bank

But in spite of that is not enough to feed all needy for food. We need more support to feed the unemployed labors, Widow, Helpless Senior Citizens, Slum Area Peoples and Below Poverty, Also We distributes daily Meals to the needy peoples at Hospitals. We have distributed food packets and Daily meals to the 2,000 hungry people in the Last Month, Which Costs 21, 00,000.

How you can help us
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© Copyright 2021 by Women's And Children's Foundation