Skill Development Program

Skill Development Program​ For Women's

This project will empower disadvantaged women and girls through imparting skill training, computer training, educational scholarships and Self-help, which will help to generate an income for their families and give a better chance of survival.


Investment in women and girls is a proven path to reduce poverty. They are disadvantaged when it comes to employment, education, and work skills. They are also abused sexually, physically, mentally and psychologically. Women’s and Children’s Foundation equipped to empower deprived, disadvantaged and underprivileged women and girls through sewing, embroidery and computer training to give them a better tomorrow, by promoting equality in the society. Self-help group is to meet emergency needs on the basis of mutual help.

Receive tax benefits under Section 80G by donating to this cause.


Training in sewing, embroidery, computers and educational scholarship to women and girls will enable them to avail jobs opportunities in industries or set their own micro business. Also S.H.G. savings is to meet emergency needs on mutual help.

Long-Term Impact

Women’s and Children’s Foundation aims to improve economic status of women and their families through business skills and education. The secret of training is to empower, restore and regenerate women and improve their status. Last two years, we provided training to 500+ women till now.

How you can help us
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To provide sound education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through all-round physical.


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© Copyright 2021 by Women's And Children's Foundation

© Copyright 2021 by Women's And Children's Foundation