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Anti Drug Campaign

WAC Foundation has Partnered with more than 200 de-addiction centers across India. with the help of de-addiction centers trying to De-addict People back to healthy productive lifestyles. But the scourge of drug addiction is spreading. To make the cases worse, Indians are increasingly using more synthetic drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and mandrax than natural ones such as cannabis and hashish. These are far more addictive and injurious to health. WAC Foundation uses sports to keep the young away from drugs and help them canalize their energies for personal and economic growth.

Anti Drug Campaign
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75% of Indian homes have at least one drug user, sometimes as young as 13. Our programmes wean users away from drugs 13% of the people involved in drug and substance abuse in India are aged below 20 years.

35% of children have a history of substance abuse, especially kids on street, working. We soldier on in the war on drugs, on and off the sports field. We at WAC Foundation have observed that children and youth who are out of school or have no extra-curricular activities are especially prone to be enticed by drug dealers. As the first step, we shortlist areas where the problem exists or can arise. We visit the areas and connect with the youth. We form teams from among the locals and hold tournaments to break the ice.

A report by the government of India. states that drug addiction is increasingly becoming an area of concern as traditional moorings, social taboos, self-restraint, and control-discipline of the joint family and community are gradually disappearing with urbanization. Alcohol and drug abuse have emerged as serious socio-economic problems in India. Located between two of the world’s largest illegal drug Producing regions, India has been a transit country for a long, making it highly vulnerable to the problem of smuggling of drugs into and out of the country and drug abuse.

Synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs are illicitly manufactured in clandestine laboratories (commonly known as clan labs) the world over. Diversion of legal pharmaceuticals containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for abuse has been a significant problem in India. Preparations containing drugs such as codeine, buprenorphine, diazepam, and alprazolam are commonly abused.

Women’s and Children’s Foundation building awareness and educating people about the ill effects of drug abuse.

Dealing with the addicts through programme of motivational counseling, treatment, follow-up, and social-reintegration of recovered addicts.

To impart drug abuse prevention/rehabilitation training to volunteers with a view to building up an educated cadre of service providers.

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