Water for Future Program

Saving Water and Saving Generations

WAC Foundation aims to preserve the water, we aim to promote sustainable lifestyles by working in close collaboration with children, women’s groups, youth, and village Panchayat (Village Council consisting of five members). It undertakes soil and water conservation and creates green spaces ensuring the sustainability of water resources. The water conservation initiative captures the excess rainwater from monsoon rains and recharges groundwater Levels.

The Need

Remember back in 2003, it was found that the women had to bear the brunt of fetching water from far-off distances in rural areas of Gurugram district of Haryana. 

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Soon, it was realized that women’s empowerment cannot be looked into isolation and the issues related to water cannot be ignored. By 2005, water reached the doorsteps of all households because of the Accelerated Rural Water Supply Program. However, the groundwater table started depleting due to the mismanagement of water by the communities. The organization thus constructed water conservation structures. Today, the situation has worsened with an average fall in groundwater levels by 2-5 meters below the surface levels annually. As per the reports of the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), published in 2010, out of 108 development blocks, 55 blocks were overexploited, 11 critical and 5 semi-critical, which depicts the alarming levels of groundwater over-utilization.

Alarming Facts

By 2030, India’s water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity. (Niti Aayog, 2018)

The ratio of Annual Ground Water Draft and Net Annual Ground-Water Availability i.e. groundwater development in India is 63% with extraction being more than 100% in the state of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan (Central Ground Water Board, 2017)

That Indicates that India could face water crises. if We will not takes major steps to save water and Increase groundwater level at all India Level.

We need to take some steps

1. Rain Water Restoration
2. Ground Water Recharge

Wac Foundation dedicatedly works towards saving water for future generations in Delhi and Surrounding areas. Make People aware of how to Preserve water. For doing this all over India. Wac Foundation needs your support.

How you can help us
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© Copyright 2021 by Women's And Children's Foundation